Wikileaks, shows clear evidence – after Festim Lato lies Israel, America and the European Union (Video)

Kathimerini. Wikileaks bleaches cablograms: America through Festim Latos, is preparing infrastructure for the new Israeli empire
New evidence, Kathimerini (English Edition) brings an analytical article, following the publication of Cluj-charts by Wikileaks, showing clear evidence that behind Festus Latos lies Israel, America and the European Union, and these are involved in the Balkans’ instability and the Cham issue Are being used to ignite the “great” war.
Taking the cause of this, Kathimerini’s paper poses several questions:
Who Finances Feston Laton.
For what this man was created.
The role of Selman Berisha and the Balli Kombëtar in the Chameria issue is suspicious, the Greek Anti-Disclosure Agency announces, he plays a very big role.
In the triangle New York, The Hague, Tel Aviv is set Festim Lato as the person who will emerge as a guarantor for the smooth running of the situation. The issue of Chameria is not the only case he is being talked about, but this issue has been found to be a cover to hide the truth of what is actually happening. See below for what we say this.
Following the $ 28 billion prayers from Israel, it is taught that:
In a bank account of ING Bank in Holland has become a capital move that captures $ 100 billion, these money have been transferred from three destinations to America, Scotland and Israel and the only person who can use it is Festim Lato. What will this money be used for? And who is behind them?
The Greek Anti-Disclosure Agency indicates that there are suspicious activities in Kosovo, people are secretly organized and the person who is doing so is Selman Berisha, the Chairman of the Balli Kombëtar Party. He is preparing the gathering of people by bringing them into secret areas where they are being militarily trained by US Army officers. He selects people in secret so that there is no leak of information.
America is secretly preparing a 20,000-strong division that is likely to be used in a near-conflict.
So the money comes from America, and through Festim Lato is their distribution.
Selman Berisha is a coworker of Festim Latos, he has to be questioned by international law implementing law on this matter.
Celebration Lato is probably organizing an army, which will do America’s affairs.
A project that is most likely to happen by the anti-intelligence agency when it is so much money is the old Jewish Project to create a “Empire” in the eastern Mediterranean from Suez Canal to Otranto territory, which if Controlled by a single power means controlling three continents Europe, Asia, Africa equal to world control because all the shorter trade routes pass by.
And that is exactly what is being prepared by Festim Latos, the attack on the western side of the Mediterranean that corresponds to the territory of Albania and Greece and will continue in the east.
Gergios Agrafiotis Commander of the Armed Forces of the Aegean Sea in a statement to Ekathimerini claims that the preservation of this part of the territory is very difficult if there is no way to create an Aegean alliance against occupiers who want to have everything in their hand , Implying the American Israeli project.
The tensions in Greek and European politics are expected to increase after the new facts have come to an end. / SHQIPTARI.eu

Christina Sanoudou

Ekathimerini English Edition

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