Published On: 1 Gusht, 2016

We do not need to backup the world!

What else is expected to happen in situations when more than half of the people were aged 16-21 years at Beer Fest. There wasn’t any security especially with people that were not even supposed to be exposed to alcohol. Every year it’s the same age groups and the same incidents that are occurring. Which I believe will continue to grow. How anymore incidents must happen for municipalities to act. Where there are events like this one, in open places and there is no entry. This is not acceptable. Organizers need to follow necessary security procedures, like asking for ID’s. Many people want to justify these incidents by saying “these kind of events are organized everywhere in the world. We do not need to backup the world (which works with other parameters in terms of security, control and awareness) especially for bad habits, There’s a famous saying “think globally, act locally,”.

Luriana Mulliqi


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