Published On: 10 Qershor, 2016

The So-called  “Serb Republic” in Bosnia Isn’t  Neither  Legacy, Nor State, But Only  Serbian Entity!  

By Mehdi Hyseni, Ph.D.

First of all we should pointed out the fact that the so-called  “Serb Republic” in Bosnia doesn’t exist as an independent and sovereign state as are   Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro…, etc. in Balkans, but one is a Serbian entity which is  a part of the  Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina  recognized by the United Nations (May 22, 1992).
However, according to Article 1, paragraph 3 of the Constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, states: “ Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two entities  of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the  Serb Republic (hereinafter referred to as “entities”).”( ).
So, question is, why the  name Serb Republic is stipulated in the Constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, when it’s just an constituent  entity like  Bosnian Muslims  and Croat entities ?
This is a juridical and political  sui generis absurd even if   in  the paragraph 3 of the Article 1 of the Constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina mentions the term  ” Serb Republic” when it does not exist de facto or de jure under international law, because it is created by force i.e. by genocide and aggression.
Also, according to the Dayton  Peaceful Agreement (1995) the Serb Republic in Bosnia isn’t any type of the state due to the fact that one was established by classic genocide on  Bosnian Muslims entity .
This is the main reason why the Serb Republic is not recognized  as independent and sovereign state  by the United Nations, and it won’t ever be recognized as such because  it is inconsistent with the all  rules, principles and norms of international law and the  United Nations Charter.
This means that no country in the world can  be internationally recognized  as a  legal state-subject of the international law if it’s  created by genocide  as is  established  the Serb Republic in Bosnia (1992-1995) which,  by rights,  until now isn’t recognized  by any country  of the international community.
The Serb Republic in Bosnia  isn’t neither national legacy nor international juridical  value, but  just a  crime of genocide, punishable under international law
But according to the Serbia’s former Foreign Affairs Minister Ivicia Dacic, “The Serb Republic  in Bosnia is the largest Milosevic’s Legacy” ?!.( ).
Despite this  wrong opinion of the former Serbia’s Prime Minister and Minister Ivica Dacic, the “Serb Republic” in Bosnia isn’t  Milosevic’s  the smallest or largest  Serbian legacy, but a tragedy  and  genocide creature because of the fact that  so-called  “Serb Republic”  is founded upon hundreds and thousands   innocent Muslim victims caused by paramilitary, military and police units  of the “Serb Republic”  in Bosnia that has been  supported directly and indirectly by  the Serbia’s government headed by the  president Slobodan Milosevic  who    was charged  by the             International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (established  by the United Nations in 1993), but he  was found dead in his bed at a UN prison near the Hague in 2006, the tribunal said in a statement. He appeared to have died of natural causes, a tribunal press officer said.” ( 
The “Serb republic” created  by  the top  Serbian nationalists, fascists and radicals in Belgrade, and Pale in Bosnia,  as were  Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic, Biljana Plavsic, Momcilo Krajisnik, Slobodan Milosevic, Vojislav Seselj, Arkan, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Serbian Orthodox, one there was not  any kind of the  human, legal, democratic, peaceful and civilized Serbian legacy and   European and international human and juridical  universal value, but only the  Serbian holocaust on innocent Muslim people in Bosnia.
This antihuman tragedy which confirmed and Srebrenica  where Serb forces had been killed over 8,000 thousand mainly Muslim males separated from their families.
In a word, so-called “Serb republic” has been the cause of the over “2 million refugees and 140.000 dead or missing (11,000 died in Sarajevo alone).”(See: Kendall W. Stiles, Case Histories in International Politics, Pearson & Longman, 2003, p.257).
Therefore, should be  entirely demented  that this Serbian holocaust in Bosnia, committed  in the last decade of the 20th  century (1990-1999)  calling the largest legacy of Slobodan Milosevic where in addition to genocide in Bosnia, he did and  two other genocides  in Croatia and Kosovo, too.
Milosevic’s three  genocide in Balkans (1990-1999) aren’t any kind of the Serbian national  victory or Heritage, but a collective Serbia’s moral, human and legal responsibility in accordance with the International Humanitarian  Law and the international community.
Fort these three classical genocides against Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, the former Serbia’s President Slobodan Milosevic has the main merits into Serbia’s  black  and bloody history during the last decade of the twentieth century(1900-1999).
Logically, for normal people, these three genocides cannot be qualified neither historically, politically nor nationally positive heritage of Serbia and Serbs, because it’s a shame, a moral and legal  debt and collective responsibility of Serbia and Serbs toward innocent Croatian, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo’s Albanian peoples (1990-1999).
Also, those  Serbia’s genocides will never be erased neither  forget  by the following centuries for the Croatian, Bosnian Muslims  and Albanian people in Balkans.

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