Published On: 19 Qershor, 2016

Speech of the day

Mentor Agron Dida
Outstanding graduate student

It was a truly amazing experience to speak at the ASU Graduate Convocation. The goal of this speech was to plant a seed of unity and changemaking into all people who were there.
Getting an education is a tremendous experience but traditional education is not enough to fully develop a person. Sometimes the trouble makers in the world are very well educated but what they lack is compassion, empathy and love. Therefore, I have devoted my life to the promotion of inner human values such as compassion, empathy, kindness, love, and gratitude; and i feel that education is the best way to insert those attributes in the heart of every individual.
This week I have accepted a job at Ashoka’s Youth Venture team in Washington DC ( ). I will start working June 1st and I feel very excited to be part of this incredible organization. I am open for collaboration with anyone who has ideas related with social innovation and empowering youth or anything else.
If you want to watch my speech at the convocation this week click on the link below. (I start 30 seconds after)
Much love goes to all of you. Thank you to my family and friends in Kosovo and U.S. for all the love and support.
One Love


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