Published On: 15 Tetor, 2016

Petitioning United Nations and 4 others Unification of Albania and Kosovo

It is time for Albanians to be united as one. Kosovo is the northern region of the greater Albania that has a population of 92.9% ethnic Albanians. In the 1900s, the territories of Albania were illegally infringed upon by an illegitimate annexation from Serbia. In the 1990s, the Serbian military committed mass genocide against the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo, leading to military intervention by NATO and the United States, which forced Serbian armies to withdraw from Kosovo. In 2008, Kosovo successfully declared Independence and is now recognized by 110 countries around the world. However, the Albanian people are requesting a unification of Albania and Kosovo, as they have been historically, and as is the desire of both the government of Kosovo and the government of Albania. Kosovo has historically been a territory of Albania and shares the same language, culture, and ethnicity as Albania. Albanians around the world and the Albanians of Kosovo request that the the two nations unite as one. With this petition, we strongly urge the United Nations, the European Union, and the United States Congress to actively support the Albanians in Albania, Kosovo, and around the world in their goal of unification between Kosovo and Albania in accordance with the desires of the Albanian and Kosovar governments. We support Kosovo’s international rights as a sovereign nation in their desire and actions to unite under one flag with their brothers, sisters, neighbors, and fellow Albanians living in Albania. With this signature, I fully endorse the proposal of unifying Kosovo with Albania.

Proposal drafted by: Dr. Mario Ademaj  10/08/2016

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  1. Patriot thotë:

    That petition has many faults, the one i posted below is correct. Why would you petition the EU? There is nothing thay can do, Albana and Kosovo are two democratic countries so if they want to unify they can. You have to put pressure on the government. That is what the petition below does.ëtar-bashkimi-i-shqipërisë-me-kosovën-unification-of-albania-and-kosovo

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