Published On: 11 Shkurt, 2016

Italian researcher: Alexander the Great was Illyrian (Video)

Italian researcher claims Lucia Nadin , it has discovered a testament that proves that Alexander the Great ” is an offshoot of Illyrian seed ” , has ” clarified ” numerous dilemmas that belongs to whom Alexander the Great , who often has been the subject of discussion between Balkan peoples . Albanian publicists claim that scientific facts repeatedly proved that Alexander the Great , or otherwise known as Alexander the Great , has Illyrian origin .
Yusuf Buxhovi historian and publicist , said that testament published last days , which was discovered by Italian researcher Lucia Nadin , there is something strange . In his historiography which relies on ancient sources indicates that Alexander the Great was not Greek , but his family genealogy mostly connecting it with the Illyrians .

” By analyzing ancient sources , the origin of the kingdom of Macedonia is the sixth kingdom Dardanians hand . This is very clear . However , Great-Serb historiography here deliberately created confusion in their publications about the history . Macedonian and Serbian historians have invented history textbooks , trying to adopt Macedonians Alexander the Great . I have objection to institutional historians , both in Kosovo and in Albania , who have to correct their wrong attitudes that Alexander the Great was Greek . This release their best can look to textbooks used in our schools , namely the Albanian People’s History book , published in 2002 , where the kingdom of Macedonia secede from dardano – Illyrian heritage . Specifically , the authors Albanian historiography in relation to Alexander the Great is very vulgar , “said the Telegraph Buxhovi .

Publicist Kim stressed that the report of the Albanians with the image of Alexander the Great has been fair and objective report , that report must be to a figure that has its roots in antiquity .

He stressed that all Balkan usually tend to adopt historical figures , showing that they have an important their hero .

” Fortunately , the history of Albanians have never acquired unjustly heroes , because every time as people have had many heroes in our national history . If proven through scientific discoveries that Alexander the Great has Albanian roots , it should make us proud , ” he told the Telegraph .

Mehmeti , speaking about the relationship between the Republic of Macedonia and historiography , said the memorials that situation in Skopje almost the same gene in Athens , Sofia and elsewhere , because the Macedonians constantly acquire heroes .

Otherwise , the prominent Italian researcher has discovered Lucia Nadin a testament to Alexander the Great in which he addresses the people of Shkodra giving them a territory in administration and addressing the word that he was ” sucker seed Illyrians ” .

The document is published these days by the Italian researcher who has done research on Alexander the Great .

In his letter of Shkodra , Alexander the Great writes : ” I Alexander , son of Philip , king of the Macedonians , the embodiment of the monarchy , the creator of the Greek Empire , the son of Zeus , Brahamanëve interlocutor and trees , the sun and moon , triumphant over why kingdoms of Medëve , Mr. World from where born and where the sun sets , from North to South , seed sucker prominent Illyrian peoples of Dalmatia and Liburnisë and other peoples of the same language that populate the Danube and central area Thrace , brings love , peace and my greetings and all those who follow the rule of the world .

Because you ‘re always shown strong faith and indomitable side battles made ​​me give and deliver to you in possession of all the free space Akuilonit up on the edge of southern Italy . Nobody else but you dare not be placed and remain in those countries . And , if found any stranger , it could stand alone as your slave , and his descendants would be slaves to your descendants .

Castle was written in the city of Alexandria , founded by me edge majestic Nile River in XII . Willingly honored the gods in my kingdoms , Zeus , Mars , Pluto and Minerva , god of gods . Witness to this act are athlete , my logotheti , and 11 other princes , who I will appoint as my successor and throughout the World , as dying without descendants ” ( the will is discovered and translated from Italian researcher Lucia Nadin , which she presented in scientific research , “the Statute de Scutari , della prima meta del XVI leads secolo let addizioni grout al 1469 ” , the cura di Lucia Nadin , giogno 2002 , Rome )

Below you can read the views of some scholars , writers , who attest Illyrian origin of Alexander the Great .

Rose Wilder Lane , American writer and scholar known throughout the world , in 1920 visited northern Albania and then wrote the book “The Maya Shale ” , which among other things explains that ” Alexander the Great was from Mat ( father ) and when it rose went to Macedonia. ” Lane , in conversation going with a mountaineer , tells how he ( highlander ) talking about the image of Alexander the Great , his previous generations order : Karana , vulnerability , Brave , Perdika , Argun , Philip , who became Ajeropi and Dare king of Macedonia and had these descendents : Alqeti Leka , Arminti , Perdika Second , Arqelloja Second , Oresti , Leka II , Philip II and Alexander the Great ( son Philip and Olimbisë ) known as Alexander the Great Macedonia .

Professor Edwin Jacques , speaking Albanian properties and their relationship with Alexander the Great , says that ” the Illyrians or Albanians , these indomitable daughter , were Albanian fighters , worthy heirs of Achilles , Philip , Alexander the Great and the Piros Epirus … ” .

Edith Durham , the British writer who became famous for her anthropological writings about life in the Albanian lands in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century , said that Alexander the Great was undoubtedly Albanian ” .

French scholar Robert D’ Angely , known for his multi-year research and about Albanians emphasizes that ” his generals , Alexander came in the native language , Pelasgic or Albanian ” .

While Strabo said “Macedonia ‘s name before Emathia ” according Emathit . Many historians tell the word Emathia Albanian language as ” great ” . Another name later got an old leader , who called Macedon . According to Strabo , the place ruled some of Epirus and Illyrian tribes . Much the same thing says the Roman historian , M. Iuniani Iustini , and also Pliny . /Telegraph

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