Published On: 11 Maj, 2016

“Is There a Future for the Western Balkans in the European Union?”

Dear Friend,
Having received good feedback about our presence last month at the 6th Annual Conference of the European Union Centre for Excellence at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, I have decided to publish a summary of my paper, “Is There a Future for the Western Balkans in the European Union?”
I thought that it would be timely because of the emerging crisis in Macedonia and the NATO summit coming up in Chicago on May 22. Macedonia wants to be formally invited into NATO–something that Greece has been blocking along with the country’s admission into the European Union. Greece’s dispute with Macedonia over the country’s name should not be the deciding factor for admission into either body. Instead, it should be whether Macedonia finally respects the human rights of Albanians and fully implements the Ohrid/Oher agreement.
Please click here for the English version and here for the Albanian. Kliko këtu për shqip.
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All the best,
Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi Joseph J. DioGuardi
Balkan Affairs Adviser President


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