Greater Serbia: A Destabilizing Factor in the Balkans



Serbia’s movement toward the partitioning of Kosovo, in the wake of geopolitical changes that have taken place in past and in recent times in the Balkans, indicates the country has aspirations to establish a Greater Serbia throughout the Balkans!

It is understandable that every country in the region has aimed, at some point, to claim as much real estate as possible. These countries have tried to accomplish such expansion diplomatically, with the exception of Serbia.

The Serbian “state,” which was violently established, and still survives in the central part of the Balkans, has never been satisfied with the existence of ethnic Albanians within its borders. The desire to create a Greater Serbia in the Balkans has been the impetus of many conflicts and armed wars over the last two centuries.  Throughout this period, Serbia has consistently displayed a lack of respect or tolerance for different nationalities and religious affiliations.

Relatively few European countries have been involved in armed conflicts since 1875. From 1804 (the first Serbian uprising) until 1991, Serbia has many times annexed neighboring territory through the use of violence against others. Yet Serbia is still not satisfied!

These conflicts, fomented by nationalistic Serbian politics, were spurred by Serbia’s ardent expansionist policies. I must point out that over the past two centuries, Serbia has attempted to violently encroach upon and take over territory from every one of its neighboring countries.

Serbia has consistently maintained discriminatory and racist attitudes towards ethnic groups and national minorities within its borders. This discrimination was directed against Albanians, Hungarians, Germans and Turks, Bosnian Muslims, Sandzak and Montenegrins. Within its violent borders, Serbia has also committed ethnic cleaning.

Historically, Serbia has not been endangered by any of its neighboring countries. Yet every neighboring country has been endangered by aspirations for a Greater Serbia.

In order to attain true peace in the Balkans, the establishment of a Greater Serbia must never be allowed. The regions of Vojvodina, Sandzak, Toplica and Hashania should be divided between Serbia and Eastern Kosovo.


Vendi i Lekës (Velelinca)




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