Published On: 1 Qershor, 2016

Grandpa you will forever be in my heart


I always say I’m so lucky to have so many great mentors and teachers in my life who have taught me so many lessons and most importantly life itself. I’m saddened to say my only grandpa I got to know passed away today. I’m lucky to have seen him last week, but never would have thought our last goodbye would be the last one. He was truly one of the most influential people in my life. Before my time he was an activist, a professor, and a pioneer in the education system for all levels. As he would tell me, he walked miles to go to school (when going to school was not very popular back then, even if it was against his father’s will) and then he walked miles to go to work influencing and shaping the minds of students. After he retired he became a grandpa and a teacher for all of his 14 nieces and nephews. He is the one who introduced me to biology and nature on our long walks in Germia, and helped me see the world from a different perspective. One thing our grandparents were good at was sharing experiences and stories that only broadened our imaginations. His biggest hobby was chess. At a young age I learned to play chess so I could play him (I almost won the game but we stopped at a draw; I really think he strategized the result). He was a big man and as kids we loved and at the same time were terrified of him when we did something wrong. The truth is he acted the part to teach discipline and help us realize the wrong from the right because we grew up to find out that he barely could hurts a fly. I can only hope someday I can teach and make a difference in someone’s life like my teachers (starting with my grandpa) have influenced mine and shape me into a person I am today. These people never truly die as their actions and lessons continue on. He forever will be loved. May he rest in piece. Grandpa you will forever be in my heart ❤️..written

by Vesa Vuniqi


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