Published On: 21 Prill, 2017

German Media: Albanians the only in Balkans that cannot be influenced by Putin

After the Austrian media Der Standard wrote a few days ago that in Balkans only Albania and Kosovo Balk are strict pro-west oriented, in this way thinks also the Schwaebisch, a German cultural media.

“The joint military maneuvers between Belarus. Russia and Serbia near the border of Macedonia. NATO maneuvers in Montenegro, the attempted coup, the assassination attempt against Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and other conspiracy theories clearly show that something is happening in Balkans” writes Schwaebisch.

In a few days. They were is seized a huge arsenal of weapons, one near the house of Vucic in Belgrade. The biggest opponents of Vucic are oligarchs who are supporting financially some Serb parties. The pro European policy of NAcic is also a opposed to the policy of the Serbian president. Tomislav Nikolic and coalition partner, Ivica Dacic’s Socialists, who are known as pro-Russians. Vladimir Putin hopes that Serbia not only to oppose NATO integration, but also the EU. Serbia on the other side tries to benefit economically from Brussels, while at the same time for its interests in the Balkans he sees Russia as a “strategic partner”.

The head of the Russian secret service, the “director” of the coup?

Vucic is not satisfied by the Russian support, the case of Montenegro shows this. Montenegrin Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic said that Russian agents had attempted a coup to bring the pro-Russian opposition into government. Russia rejects charges vigorously, althow during the night of arrest of 20 putschists, the Russian head of inteligence, Nikolaj Patruschev was staying in Belgrade.

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