Published On: 27 Prill, 2016
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Fotot rrëqethëse: ISIS ekzekuton “spiunët” e dënuar me kryqëzim

ISIS ka publikuar disa imazhe të reja ku pretendon se shihen ekzekutimet e dy “spiunëve” në kryeqytetin e kalifatit në Siri.

Një së fotografish të bëra nga dsia kënde tregojnë ekzekutimet publike të dy njerëzve, me titull “Grumbullimi i spiunëve”” në Raqqa të Sirisë.

Fotografitë tregojnë të dy burrat e dënuar me kryqëzim, para se të qëllohen dhe të vriten para një turme të madhe, ku përfshihen dhjetëra gra e fëmijë.

ISIS executions: A series of photographs taken from 'first-person shooter'-angles show the public killings of two men accused of spying on ISIS

The first of the two alleged spies is hoisted up on a metal cross and tied to the construction

Public event: The executions were purported to have been held in front of a crowd of men, women and children

Deterrent: After the man is strung up and shot, a message in Arabic is pinned to his body, allegedly warning others of spying on behalf of ISIS's enemies

Crime and punishment: The second man accused of being a spy is shot in a similar way by an ISIS terrorist dressed in camouflage gear

Public display: Crowds gather around the corpse of the man to read a message pinned to his chest

This type of public execution has become common during the terrorist group's brutal reign in its self-declared 'caliphate' in Syria and Iraq

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