BREAKING: Two loud explosions at Ariana Grande gig as fans flee Manchester Arena and emergency services rush to scene

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Emergency services are rushing to reports of two loud bangs described as ‘explosions’ at Manchester Arena tonight. People attending the concert by pop star Ariana […]

My Husband and I Got Married in the Church My Grandpa Built

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LAURA SCHMITT PHOTOGRAPHY/ COUNTRY EXTRA MAGAZINE   The tale of how my grandparents became a couple is family legend. Their dads worked together in central […]

The Health Secrets Of The Hunza (ilirian) People Who Live Over 100 Years And Are Cancer-Free

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Cheerful, healthy and full of life, it seems as if the people of Hunza Valley belong to another planet. They eat fresh apricots, breathe the mountainous […]

Premier Rama and US Ambassador Lu talk again for nearly an hour

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US Ambassador Donald Lu has had another meeting with Albanian Premier Edi Rama today. The meeting lasted nearly one hour. Lu and Rama met one […]

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Albanian Federation Versus New Yugoslavia – Analysis

By Dr. Sadri Ramabaja* The Serbian Project for a New Yugoslavia, and Albania, must receive the response of Albanian political doctrine that should be understood […]

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This Tinker Bell Cupcake Would Make Tink Herself Crack A Smile – Video

There’s a decent chance that the people dining in Contempo Café haven’t come to Disney World to ride the new Frozen coaster. They probably haven’t […]

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25 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Brides With Short Hair

If short hair is your ~signature~ and you’re in need of some inspo for your big day, feast your eyes on these 25 bridal-approved styles […]

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After My Divorce, I Became an Erotic Letter Writer

Despite having two advanced degrees, I struggled to find work after I left my husband in the summer of 2001. The small town where my […]

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What Women Really Think About the Missionary Position

For all the buzz about BDSM, fisting, and butt play, a lot of us still spend a good chunk of our sexy time in the […]

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5 Women on Telling Their Moms They Don’t Want Kids

Growing up, I wanted kids the same way I wanted a house in the suburbs and a white Rolls Royce in the driveway and whatever […]

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Watch Mothers Meet Their Babies For the First Time In This Raw, Emotional Video

Childbirth is an awe-inspiring and beautiful experience for many mothers, but a fearful one for others. Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason of the organization Birth […]

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10 Things Guys Don’t Understand About the Female Orgasm

1. You have been blessed with the unfathomable bordering-on-magic ability of back-to-back (to back) orgasms. Zero. Refractory. Period. Even at our peak, we’d have to go into […]

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How Do I Know If I’m Having an Orgasm?

While the physical process is the same for everyone, the actual orgasmic experience varies from woman to woman and time to time. You might feel […]

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Prince Leka II gets great warm welcome at Capitol

By Beqir SINA Capitol – Albany Leader speaks about the end of World War II and country’s and King Zog role, to save Jewish emigrant […]

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By: David Clark In this year of make-or-break elections in France, Germany and the UK, it was never likely that Albania’s parliamentary elections in June […]

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5 Relaxing Sex Positions for People Who Have Anxiety About Sex

It’s no secret that the current social climate can crush your libido or give you anxiety about sex. These positions are perfect for establishing the […]

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How Amy Schumer’s Raunchy Mother’s Day Movie Will Bring You and Your Mom Closer

In Snatched, daughter Emily (Amy Schumer) and mom Linda (Goldie Hawn) go on vacation to Ecuador after Emily can’t find anyone to take her newly […]

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Electric discharge! Ha, ha, ha… (Video)

Descarga elétrica

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Tracing the outline of her body

It was a normal night. A night that Lukah and Jessie had off together. Cuddling on the couch, watching a movie, with unspoken intentions of […]

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