Published On: 29 Qershor, 2016

Condolences and prayers to the killed victims and their families

Neyla Ajvazi

People who have ever been in #Istanbul during Ramadan know what a magic peaceful atmosphere it has during this period of time. People from different continents who travel internationally for business, studies or leasure know the Ataturk International airport almost as well as their second home. Those who commit these attacks target major existing human values in one. They target humanity, they target Muslims during thier blessed month when killings are stricly prohobited, they target freedom of movement and the fundamental right for security and what not. They are sponsored and organised by someone who has an identity, a budget and an agenda to which ordinary people fall victim. I’m terrified with the losses and fear our Turkish sisters and bothers bear but also I know that even in the face of such terror Turkish people will never lose their calm! Condolences and prayers to the killed victims and their families.


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