Published On: 17 Korrik, 2016

3 Police officers are dead and 7 are injured after a shooting in Baton Rouge


3 police officers are dead and 7 are injured after a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We’re live with Ian Fisher, the weekend editor at The Times, who’ll explain what we know. Leave your questions and comments.

After five police officers were killed in an ambush shooting in Dallas on July 7, Stephen Loomis, the president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, urged people not to take their guns anywhere near downtown during the Republican National Convention because officers were already in a “heightened state.”

But on Sunday, as news broke that three officers had been killed in Baton Rouge, La., Steve Thacker, 57, of Westlake, Ohio, stood in this city’s Public Square holding a semi-automatic AR-15.

When asked about Mr. Loomis’s comments and the Baton Rouge shooting, Mr. Thacker said despite the shooting, he wanted to make a statement and show that people can continue to openly carry their weapons.

“I pose no threat to anyone. I’m an American citizen. I’ve never been in trouble for anything,” Mr. Thacker, an information technology engineer, said. “This is my time to come out and put my two cents’ worth in, albeit that it is a very strong statement.”


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